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At our ranch and farm we provide a home for dogs and cats that are unwanted due to problems with allergies and temperament. Their previous owners couldn't deal with the mangy, itchy and troubled pets.

We have found that feeding Flint River Ranch, NuVet Plus & NuJoint has not only improved their coats dramatically but also improved their temperaments and Joint health. Animals that get the proper nutrition are calmer, happier and healthier
New from Flint River Ranch Essential Greens
for the natural health of your pets




Flint River Ranch Pet Food and NuVet Supplements Company Store
Committed to Providing Only The Highest Quality Natural Dog Food and Cat Food and Treats
For The Health and Wellness of Your Pets
All the good natural ingredients to keep your pet healthy and none of the bad.
Flint River Ranch uses only FDA approved suppliers for their Human Quality pet food ingredients.
Each batch of food is sampled and tested for Quality Assurance.
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We have found that feeding Flint River Ranch and NuVet Plus has not only improved their coats dramatically but also improved their temperaments.
Animals that get the proper nutrition are calmer, happier and healthier.
New Formula DUCK and OATMEAL low grain, high digestibility
formulated for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities.
Try it today. Your dogs will love you!
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Pet Lovers have learned there is a considerable difference in the nutritional & health value and digestibility of natural foods
in comparison to those foods containing chemical preseratives, fillers, artificial flavors and colors.

Pet Lovers are concerned with providing the highest QUALITY food for their family companion and have an awareness of the
Health benefits of Premium Foods.... Does this sound like you?

Then Flint River Ranch Canine and Feline ALL-NATURAL Premium foods are for you and your pet.

The best quality ingredients and higher digestibility are better for your pets health and less expensive for you to feed.
The higher the digestibility, the more nutrients a family pet can absorb.
More nutrients mean higher energy and better health.
The more food actually absorbed, means less fed, less waste, less odor and less clean up!

FLINT RIVER RANCH Premium products are composed of natural ingredients of high-quality poultry, fish, lamb, and grains.
The quality foods are fortified with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, B, B-12, and Zinc.
The formulas are carefully blended for optimal balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates for good health.

There are no artificial flavors, colors or chemical preservatives like Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT that are used in other pet foods.

The use of chemical presevatives may be associated with dry skin,
allergic reactions, dental disease, poor health, lack of engery,
degenerative organ dysfunction, licking and chewing at base of tail and feet, and skin allergies and cancer.

FLINT RIVER RANCH dog food formula is OVEN~BAKED under carefully controlled conditions and temperatures to change
hard to digest starches into easy to digest dextrins, which are readily absorbed in your dogs system.

FLINT RIVER RANCH cat food promotes low Urinary pH and helps prevent F.U.S.
The chicken meal is the highest grade for Taurine.
There are low levels of both Ash and Magnesium.
Flint River Ranch uses human grade fat sources and amino acids provided by Chicken and Lamb,
these are the basic building blocks of muscle, skin, coat, bone, blood, and the immune system.

By~products and fillers are commonly used as primary ingredients in pet food.
Flint River Ranch foods do not contain by~products
like chicken heads and feet, duck heads and beaks, feathers, fish heads, hair, hides, and intestines.
There are no fillers like cottonseed, soybean, breakfast food by~products, screenings, noxious weeds, straw, hulls or chaffs.
These ingredients can cause diarrhea, increased flatulence, dull hair coat and skin,
intermittent vomiting, hotspots, and the tendency to scratch more.

Flint River Ranch pet foods are shipped directly to your home, directly from the manufacturer.
Our food does not sit on the shelf in a store for months or years.



Senior Distributor Tania Lawson
New Jersey


NuVet Plus Named Winner of Natural Pet Supplements Category by Readers of Dog Fancy Magazine.

NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus
Holistic Natural Supplements for Dogs and Cats
Used and Endorsed by Happy Tales Pets

NuVet Plus is a long-term nutritional supplement that should be given to the companion pet daily. Testimonials and independent testing have indicated that using NuVet Plus; will boost the immune system, thereby presenting a front line defense against the damaging effects of free radicals. Additionally, there are many reports of the remarkable improvements in the skin and coats of the animals using NuVet Plus;. We offer a money-back guarantee if any customer is not happy with the results received from using NuVet Plus or NuJoint Plus.
Protect your pets from toxins in food and environment!

Whether you feed a commercial or home made pet food, all dogs and cats need a high quality nutritional supplement to build a strong immune system.
The pancreas serves two separate functions, endocrine and exocrine. The endocrine gland secretes hormones, notably insulin,
and the most feared pancreatic malfunction seen by endocrinologists (human and veterinary alike) is of course diabetes.
The exocrine gland secretes enzymes into the small intestine, aiding digestion.
Help protect your pet against toxins in food, chemicals in your environment and unnecessary inoculations. NuVet Plus for Cats and Dogs is the healthy alternative providing Human Quality natural vitamins, minerals,herbs,antioxidents,bioflavanoids,omega fatty acids and amino acids proven to combat free radicals and to provide immune system support.

* Allergies

* Hot Spots

* Skin & Coat Problems

* Scratching, Itching & Biting

* Poor Digestion * Arthritis & Joint Problems

* Tumors * Lack of Energy * Heart Conditions

* Tearing Eyes * Premature Aging

* Cataracts

All Natural Daily Supplement
Builds a Strong Immune System
Recommended by top breeders and veterinarians
So pure, it is one of the few pet products manufactured in an FDA (human-grade) manufacturing facility

* Dog and Cat versions available * No sugars or fillers * Money-Back Guarantee

Buy Direct From The Manufacturer Here
Auto Ship Discounts Available
For More Information about our products and ordering
CLICK HERE to enter my NuVet Store
Auto Ship Discount Available.
OR CALL: 1-800-474-7044 9-5 pst
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Natural Health Care Providers have long known that many artificial preservatives, colors and flavors as well as pesticides, cleaners and polution have caused disease in humans. Now pet owners see their pets getting many of the same diseases people do. Heart, Kidney, Liver, Diabetes, Cancer and Respiratory diseases to name a few. Diseases that also stem from the use by-products and meat from diseased animals and fish rejected for human consumption.Hormones used in our meat and dairy industry are also harmful. Be a smart shopper and read labels. Supermarket brands have pretty pictures on the bag and say they have meat and vegetables. Find out what the source of these ingredients is and how they are processed. Heat and extrusion process destroy natural nutrients and the pet food company needs to add artifical vitamins mineral etc to pass the basic acceptable pet food standards. Concerned pet owners have found that Flint River Ranch low temperature oven baked natural dog and cat foods and NuVet supplements meet and exceed the requirements for a healthy pet diet. Flint River Ranch and NuVet Company Store servicing Alabama Arkansas Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Idaho Indiana Iowa Illinois Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan, Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Mexico New Jersey New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.
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